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A refined brand will get you noticed

If you are ready to...

  • Create a strongly positioned brand that attracts your ideal clients
  • Have a calm, refined aesthetic that reflects the value of your products and services
  • Thrive in your work, take yourself seriously and feel legit

It might be time to stop...

  • Going around in circles, wondering what your brand position should be
  • Fearing that you don’t stand out amongst your competitors’ online presence
  • Leaving money on the table because people don’t see your work's full value

My new brand and website look very professional and the response has been so positive. My jewellery company has been strongly positioned. Naomi definitely knows what she’s talking about.
— Manon ter Hogt



Refined Branding & Website

full service design package

+ refined brand identity
+ distinctive website
+ delightful marketing materials


Brand positioning

How do you want people to feel about your brand? That is the first thing we’ll figure out together. Focusing on what matters most, removing the clutter. You’ll have a clear brand strategy that is both aspirational and uniquely yours.

Custom logo design

All logo designs are conceptual and the result of an elaborate sketching process. Simplicity and refined details make for a distinctive logo to represent your brand. Logo variations and smaller marks make it versatile and add visual interest. 

Color palette & typography

A well-chosen color palette and carefully selected typefaces are valuable elements of your brand identity. Subtle and nuanced, while still adding character to your brand.

Custom icons and patterns

Custom illustrations and patterns will add personality and charm to the brand. Patterns can be used as backdrops and work great on packaging too. 

Marketing items

Now that we have this unique collection of visual elements, it is time to impress your ideal clients with your new brand identity. You’ll get business cards, leaflets, thank-you cards and whatever else you may need to promote your work.

Social media visuals

You’ll also get profile and banner images to get you noticed on each platform that you use to communicate with you audience. Templates for gorgeous visuals will allow you elevate and diversify your Instagram grid.

Website design & development  

A distinctive website that is designed to reach your strategic goals, like bringing in new clients or increasing orders for your shop. A well-organised, calm website will hold your ideal people’s attention. I’ll work my design & coding magic to create a fully customized Squarespace site that is uniquely yours. And easy to update, too.

Brand Guidelines

Once the brand identity is created, I’ll put together clear brand guidelines to ensure you’re self-sufficient and able to take your brand further. Here you’ll find all elements of your brand identity in one easy to access location; logo files, colour codes, font files, etc. I’ll also give you personal tips and tricks to make the most of your new brand. 


Wait, there is more.

This is the one-one-one support you'll get to build your brand


Meetings & email support

Throughout the project we’ll schedule 3 meetings or calls (depending on your location). This is where we’ll talk about strategy and design details as well as make smart decisions together. You can always email me if you have a question about your brand and the design process.

Content creation support

A brand needs high quality content, too. Words, visuals and photographs that inspire and explain what you have to offer. I’ll help you create them by providing templates, tips & tricks. If you are ready to outsource the content creation part, I’ll connect you to excellent copywriters and photographers.

Print production support

Special finishes, affordable packaging solutions, high quality paper stock; I’ll help you select the finest print materials for your brand. Details definitely make the design and printing will help you convey that extra layer of value. I’ll make sure you get beautiful prints within your budget.

Ongoing design support

I’m your design partner before and after your launch. Consider me your new colleague, if you will. If you need additional marketing pieces, an extra page on your website, a new packaging suite; I’d love to design it for you. There are special retainer rates available if you need more regular support.


Selection of client work

How does it work?


Defining your position

Kick-off call
We’ll start the project with a kick-off call. This is where we'll talk about the essence of your brand.

Brand strategy
The resulting strategy will give you a deeper understanding of your brand and its potential.


Designing your brand

Brand identity
I’ll design a lasting, refined brand identity that includes all of the elements described above.

Brand presentation
We’ll walk through the presentation of the brand identity and discuss possible refinements.


Presenting your brand

Promotional pieces
It is time to design the marketing materials that will impress your ideal clients.

Finally, I’ll apply the brand identity to a distinctive website that is built on the Squarespace platform.

Refined Branding & Website

Your investment for the full service Package is:

€ 950 / month for 5 months

that is € 4750 in total

Can’t wait to have a refined brand all your own?


Wondering if this is for you?

  • You are a creative, non-corporate brand. Perhaps you are a product designer, photographer or architect. Maybe you run a creative space, yoga studio or lifestyle shop. Whatever it is you create, we share a love for calm, restorative design.
  • You think deeply about what you do; it is how you gain clarity on what is essential. In fact, you might have been overthinking this for a while now. I can help you see through the clutter and keep the most valuable aspects of your brand.
  • I work with entrepreneurs at all stages of their business. You might wish to make a strong start right away. Or perhaps your work has evolved and your current branding is holding you back. Either way, I’ll help you design, refine and grow your brand.
  • You want to feel proud of your brand and your work. To have a lasting, refined brand identity that is based on a deeper understanding of what makes your work valuable. So that you get to do what you love and reach your potential.
  • You like to stand on your own two feet. It is what makes you an entrepreneur. However that doesn’t mean that you should be able to do all the things, right? You’ve got projects to run and clients to keep happy. It is perfectly ok that you don’t have time to study the nitty gritty of typography, color psychology and lay-out design. You business card doesn’t say graphic designer, after all. That is where I come in.

Here’s what others have asked

How long does the Refined Branding & Website design process take?

The Refined Branding & Website design process takes 2 months to complete. This includes brand strategy, brand design and creating a new website & promotional materials. It does not account for your content creation process though: writing copy and gathering all the visual content for your website. Most of my clients need a bit more time to hash things out and we’ll then pause the project midway once the Brand Identity has been designed.

How much time will I need to invest into the process?

  • 2 hours to fill out the Brand Positioning Questionnaire at the start.
  • 3 hours for meetings throughout the project.
  • Once we get to the design phase, I’ll sometimes ask you to answer a few questions via email to help us move forward. This will take you up to 30 minutes each week.

You’ll also need to create content for your website and promotional materials.

  • Writing strong copy for your website usually takes 2-5 days. You can definitely hire a copywriter to do this work for you. I know some great ones I'd be happy to connect you to.
  • Setting up a photoshoot will often take another 2 days. I highly recommend investing in professional photography as it will make your visual presence so much stronger. I can recommend photographers as well as stylists if needed.

Who are your branding services for?

This is for you if you need a refined brand that attracts customers that value what you have to offer. My design aesthetic is perfect for creative, non-corporate brands that have a calm, thoughtful way of working which is reflected in their product or service. If you would love to have a fully custom made brand that will help you thrive for years to come, you’re in the right place.

Are you booking new clients?

Yes! I only take on 2 or 3 clients each quarter though, so your project start date will depend on my current availability. Don’t worry though, there is plenty that you can do on your own to prepare (like writing your website copy).

How do we get started?

Schedule a call to get started. This 30-minute call is free and is meant to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. You can select an available time-slot on my calendar that suits you and your appointment will be booked immediately. 

Which marketing materials are included?

The Refined Branding & Website package includes up to 5 marketing materials. Think business cards, thank you cards, leaflets, a sticker set, Instagram templates. Together we'll select the most relevant options for you. If you need more than 5 items, just let me know and I'll add them onto the package.

What is included in the website design?

The design of up to 8 pages is included. Each Squarespace website is fully responsive, meaning that it looks good on both larger and smaller screens. Custom code (CSS) is used to create a unique design. The package includes a strategy for the website and an outline of content that would be good to include. Add-ons to the package include any extra pages, stock photo selection and e-commerce functionalities.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, you can pay in 5 monthly instalments of € 950 / month. Or you can pay a one time fee of € 4500 (saving € 250).

Does the package price include VAT?

No, VAT is not included. International companies that have a tax registration number do not have to pay any VAT. If you are a Dutch company, you pay an additional 21% VAT that is deductible.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Send me an email - - and I’ll get back to you soon.

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Hi, I'm Naomi.

A calm, refined brand can hold your attention amidst the (visual) clutter we’re surrounded by everyday. Simplicity and clarity, that is where I thrive. Refined design is about using fewer but better visual elements. Focus on what is essential, leave out the rest.

You are doing remarkable work. I’m here to support you by creating a refined brand that is seen & valued by your ideal clients. So that you can do more of what you love.

As a designer I get to be part of your company for a little while, as we explore your brand and all that it can be. It is a wonderful experience to watch you grow and reach new heights. I love to visualise that which is essential to you.