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Make your value visible


You want to attract the right type of clients. The ones that are a pleasure to work with, value what you do and can’t wait to get started. A thoughtfully designed brand reflects the quality of your work. That makes it easier for people to see your value.

If your message is clear and clever, the right people will take notice. You don’t have to yell to be heard. Branding can be calm and thoughtful, just like you. I’m all about refining the design details and removing the clutter.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone pulled it all together?


Throughout the branding process we’ll work together one-on-one. I will guide you through all the steps using worksheets and checklists. I will help you strategize about anything from your website copy to selecting relevant promotional materials. There are quite a few decisions to be made, but I’ll be there every step of the way to guide you. I’ll make sure to pull together the strands into a beautiful brand that you can’t wait to launch!

Do you want a refined brand all your own?

The new brand identity has already helped us a lot! The design finally fits our products and corresponds to the vision we have for our brand.
— Lost & Found Accessoires


I think you should go for it

Hi! I'm Naomi and I work with thoughtful brands to design visual identities that help them thrive. With six years of experience, my design work has been published in the book How to style your brand and several magazines. I’ve worked for 50+ lovely clients in Amsterdam, Europe and beyond.

I work in a white, plant-filled studio space that I run with fellow creatives. I’m part of the volunteer team that organises CreativeMornings here in Amsterdam; come and say hi if you’re in town! You might also find me in bookstores, a yin yoga class or hiking a mountain, preferably in Italy.

You want people to be delighted by what you do. And you know that a strong brand identity can do just that. It will also make you feel confident and legit. I promise.

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