Time for a rebrand!?


Branding and consistency

An important aspect of branding is being consistent; in your message, your tone, your visuals. It makes you more memorable, trustworthy and professional. However, sometimes you want to start fresh with a rebrand. I love working on rebrands with clients because it means we get to dream and strategise based on all the experience they've built up over the years. We get to learn from all that, decide what we want to keep and at the same time explore a new direction.

How do you know if you need a rebrand?

Branding is about more than just changing the outside, it needs to reflect a change in strategy as well. Otherwise you might better stick to and/or make small updates to your current brand. So what are some of the signs that a rebrand could be the way to go? 

  • You have a new creative vision or niche that you'd like to commit to
  • You want to take your work to the next level but feel like your current brand can't take you there
  • Your brand no longer makes you feel confident and delighted
  • You don't tell people about your website or hardly ever hand out your business card because you feel it doesn't give the right message
  • Your current brand feels like an old version of yourself 
  • The message you're sending out right now is confusing to potential clients

If this sounds familiar to you, a fresh start could be just what you need. I'd love to help you get to that place of clarity and confidence. You can read more about my design process and have a look at my portfolio to see if we could be a good fit. 

brandingNaomi den Besten