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Squarespace for creative brands

I design websites for all of my Brand Identity clients and lately I've been building more of them on Squarespace. I've also switched my own website to Squarespace last year. These are some of the reasons why I think using this platform makes sense for a lot of creative brands.

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Time for a rebrand!

An important aspect of branding is being consistent; in your message, your tone, your visuals. It makes you more memorable, trustworthy and professional. However, sometimes you want to start fresh with a rebrand. I love working on rebrands with clients because it means we get to dream and strategise based on all the experience they've built up over the years. We get to learn from all that, decide what we want to keep and at the same time explore a new direction.

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What do you want to be known for?

You brand strategy is what helps you focus. If gives words to what you do best and what you want to do more of. Having a clear focus is what helps you to become known for something specific, rather than being known as a "jack of all trades". As helpful as that can-do mentality may be for a client, in the long run it can be exhausting for you. Here is a short and sweet exercise you can do to help you define what you want to focus on in the long run.

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Preparing for a brand photo shoot

One of the best investments that you can make for your brand is to invest in photography. There is so much content out there and visuals will make your message stand out. If you hire a photographer to create a series of photos for your brand you can make sure that those visuals are unique and that they fit your brand voice. Here are 7 steps you can take to make the most of your photography investment.

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Catalogue design for Rex Kralj

Last year Tessa and Nathalie from NU interieur|ontwerp contacted me about working together on a catalogue for Slovenian furniture company Rex Kralj. Photographer Wendy from beeldSTEIL joined the team as well, who’s unique photography style was a very good match for the brand. And today we can finally show you the results! You can download the catalogue from the Rex Kralj website (after leaving your email address).

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